Should you add rims or spacers to your BMW

If you’ve ever heard about spacers, you may wonder what the point is. Really, there are a lot of reasons why you might need spacers for your BMW:

Spacers Enhance Appearance

BMW wheel spacers are generally used to enhance the appearance of your BMW. Most people utilize spacers to push the wheels out closer to the fender for a better stance and a more aggressive look. Original OEM fitments of wheels leaves a good amount of space between the fender and the wheel and tire, resulting in a “caved-in” look. BMW wheel spacers are a good way to close this gap and enhance the overall stance of your BMW.

Spacers Add Clearance

Another reason spacers are beneficial is that it adds clearance for things like aftermarket suspension (ie: coilovers, springs and shocks, etc.) and big brake kits. Many wheels are not compatible with big brake kits. Most of the time the spoke of the wheel will not clear the new, bigger brake caliper. BMW wheel spacers will fix this issue as it pushes the wheel spokes further out, away from the caliper.

Correct Your Wheel Offsets

In many cases, aftermarket BMW wheels are not offered in the ideal fitment (offset and width) for your particular BMW. Spacers helps to correct this by pushing it out further, correcting a wheel offset that is too high. When a wheel offset is too high, it causes the wheel to sit too inward, resulting in a poor stance and appearance. Additionally, too high of an wheel offset may result in tire rubbing inside the inner wheel well lining or suspension components. BMW spacers will push the wheel outward and correct the offset. Please note that BMW spacers cannot correct wheel offsets that are too low, only too high.

Spacers Helps Improve Handling Performance

BMW wheel spacers help space your BMW wheels further apart, making your car more stable and corner better. BMW wheel spacers helps you gain a similar effect as adding a wider wheel/tire without the added weight and expense.

What Size Spacers Should I Choose for my BMW?

There is no one right answer to this question. Picking a spacer for what you need all comes down to your specific suspension set up, wheels, tire brand, etc. As such, we recommend measuring the amount of space you are working with yourself, and then choosing a spacer based on this information. Basically, you need to measure the amount of tire to fender clearance. This empty space will be your desired spacer size depending on how flush you want the tire to be with the fender. You do not want a BMW wheel spacer that exceeds this amount of measured dead space as this will result in the tire rubbing on the fender.

BMW Wheel Spacers and Extended BMW Lug Bolts

Note that every wheel spacer requires a longer wheel bolt to complement it. We offer wheel bolts on our site according to the size of the spacer you are using. This makes it easier to find out what length wheel bolt you need upon ordering of a specific sized BMW wheel spacer. Our BMW extended lug bolts are offered in your choice of black or silver and are sold individually.

What Brand of Spacers Should I Choose?

There are multitudes of available brands of wheel spacers to choose from. We recommend going with H&R TRAK+ spacers as they are a tried and true product. These BMW wheel spacers are manufactured from a proprietary aluminum and magnesium alloy which is not only incredibly strong but also very light. H&R Trak+ Spacers can be up to 70% lighter than a comparable steel product. These wheel spacers are also hard anodized to ensure a tough, durable finish that is resistant to chipping, scratching and oxidation. H&R Trak+ Spacers are made in hub centric fitments and are engineered with the highest level of manufacturing accuracy and quality standards. H&R Trak+ Spacers are made in Germany under ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards, and meet the rigid safety criteria of the German SUV.

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